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Sugar-free Roasted Creamy Almond Butter - Safe for diabetics 275g

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Sugar-free Roasted Creamy Almond Butter - 275g

Want almond butter that actually tastes like almonds? This is it! We take roasted California almonds and make an exceptional butter.

Almonds have been prized for centuries as a nourishing superfood. They contain Vitamin E, Magnesium, Manganese, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Fiber and a host of antioxidants.

You'll love the true taste of roasted almonds right here in this jar. No added sugars, no added oils, and no added salts! It's just pure organic almonds in a slightly crunchy, super spreadable form.

 Enjoy this creamy raw nut butter on its own or add it to any recipe. Always stir contents before use.

Grams - 275grams including the jar (250 grams net)

Shelf life - 6 months lang because walang preservatives.

Macros - 196 calories, 7g protein, 3g carbs and 17.9g

fat Ingredients list - roasted almonds, virgin coconut oil.