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Equal Gold Zero calorie sweetener (25 Sticks)

Equal Gold Zero calorie sweetener -25 pcs per pack 

Equal Gold is perfect for cooking and can be used to replace sugar without compromising on taste. 

1 stick is equivalent to 2teaspoon of sugar

Equal Gold is a zero calorie sweetener that comes in a crunchy granular texture and it delivers sugar-like flavour and consistency without a fault. Essentially, Equal Gold is perfect for those who're weight and health conscious seeking to control their calorie intake.

No aspartame. Used in recipes where sugar is used for sweetening.

Perfect to use for baking your favorite desserts, pastries . Use for sweetening breakfast favorites such as cereals, oatmeal and porridge.

Works well as a sprinkling over fruit and as flavoring for a variety of cooked dishes.

1 EQUAL Gold No Calorie Sweetener Stick (0 kcal) is equivalent in sweetness to 2 level teaspoons of sugar (32 kcal)