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Laurin MCT Coconut Oil 150mL

Laurin Coco MCT oil, Keto approved and Low Carb. 

Laurin 100% Coco MCT Oil is the very essence of coconut oil, distilled to its purest and healthiest form. It is a natural Superfood in the form of medium chain triglycerides or MCT that is 5x more potent than any other coconut oil (such as extra virgin coconut oil or VCO).

In fact, CocoMCT is very different from extra virgin coconut oil or VCO. The many benefits of coconut oil is present in CocoMCT in a more concentrated form. It doesn't taste nor smell like coconuts: it is odor-free and flavor-free. It doesn't solidify in cool temperatures.

Laurin MCT Oil is a premium, high-quality product that delivers better nutrition, lifestyle and quality of life:

• BOOSTS ENERGY. Laurin is converted by the liver into ketones, an alternative source of energy for your your muscles. Easily broken down in the body, it raises energy levels by supplementing the glycogen in muscles for high intensity or prolonged activity.

• INCREASES FAT-BURNING. Laurin does not get stored as body fat. In fact, when its fatty acids are converted into energy, it helps in the calorie-burning process because metabolism happens much faster.

• BALANCES CHOLESTEROL LEVEL. Low fat deposits of Laurin allow for good cardiovascular health. It increases HDL (good cholesterol) and regulates LDL (bad cholesterol) to lessen plaque build-up, thus lowering blood pressure.

• IMPROVED BRAIN FUNCTION. Revitalizes brain cells by providing ketones as energy source for better mental focus, memory retention, sharpness and concentration. It can provide energy & protect neural pathways, thus decreasing the risk of dementia, Alzheimer's disease & other neurodegenerative disorders.

• INCREASES IMMUNITY. Laurin has anti-inflammatory, antiviral & antibacterial properties which provide increased resistance to diseases, production of white blood cells & prevention of parasitic & viral infections. It destorys pathogens in the digestive system. Remaining toxins are flushed away to help good bacteria grow.